[Bug 232719] maven2-2.0.4-10jpp.3 - Java project management and project comprehension tool

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Fri Mar 16 21:54:15 UTC 2007

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Summary: maven2-2.0.4-10jpp.3 - Java project management and project comprehension tool


------- Additional Comments From dbhole at redhat.com  2007-03-16 17:54 EST -------
m2_pom_repo.tar.gz: This is needed because maven cannot always see the pom.xml
files located within the tree. It expects the items to be in the repository --
the m2_pom_repo.tar.gz has the poms which are dropped into a temporary
repository that we set up.

The plugin sources need to be cut at the time maven was cut. Because the plugins
have a different release cycle, maintaining them separately could invite a host
of copmpatibility issues as one version of a plugin may require one version of
maven, while another requires another version. The current cut of plugins in the
plugins is as close as possible to the time that maven2 2.0.4 was cut.

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