[Bug 221084] Review Request: dkms - Dynamic Kernel Module Support

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Mon Mar 19 16:13:19 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: dkms - Dynamic Kernel Module Support


------- Additional Comments From mebrown at michaels-house.net  2007-03-19 12:13 EST -------
* name matches upstream tarball. No illegal delimiters.
* no multiple packages with same base name
* spec file named correctly
* versioned properly.
* %{dist} tag properly used
* no doc subpackage
* is not an addon package

* license is GPL
* no patents
* no emulators
* no binary firmware
* no pre-built binaries.
* good changelog
* no 'copyright', 'packager' or 'vendor' tags
* summary tag does not end in dot
* no prereq
* Source: tag documents where to find upstream.
* good buildroot tag
* no file deps
* no build deps (it is a shell script)
* american english
* utf8 spec file
* relevant docs included
* no compiled code (compiler flags irrelevant)
* no debuginfo since no compiled code.
* no libraries (static or otherwise)
* no rpath issues
* config files properly (noreplace)
* init script isnt marked %{config}
* no .desktop files (not a GUI app)
* consistent variable usage.
* no %makeinstall macro usage
* no locale files
* scriptlets dont modify dirs they shouldnt
* no conditional dependencies (--with/--without)
* not relocatable
* no content
* owns its dirs
* not a webapp

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