[Bug 229377] Review Request: latexmk - a make-like utility for LaTeX documents

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Tue Mar 20 17:19:49 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: latexmk - a make-like utility for LaTeX documents


------- Additional Comments From Jerry.James at usu.edu  2007-03-20 13:19 EST -------
Unfortunately, the use of xdg-open means that latexmk does not know how to
refresh the previewer when the document changes, nor will the previewers always
display landscape documents correctly.  Nevertheless, I have made this change. 
I also added material to README.fedora describing how to configure latexmk for
particular previewers so that refreshing and viewing of landscape documents work
properly.  Because I consider the breakage of refresh and landscape viewing to
be so critical, I put a note in the Summary directing people to the
README.fedora document for information on these topics.  The new URLs are:


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