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Summary: Merge Review: boost


------- Additional Comments From bkoz at redhat.com  2007-03-28 06:27 EST -------

Fixed in -12:
* BuildRoot is not the preferred one

* PreReq should be replaced by the appropriate Requires(post)....
In the case of boost, an even better solution would be to use

* Boost Software License seems to me to be very similar with the MIT 
  license. Maybe MIT-like could be used?

* BuildRequires of libs shouldn't be necessary, they are brought in by 
  the -devel, so the following should be removed:

* It is not very clear to me whether the devel package requires zlib-devel,
  bzip2-devel, and so on, or not.

* there is a very strange
Obsoletes: boost-doc <= 1.30.2

* the main package should certainly 
Provides: boost-python = %{version}-%{release}

- there are bad perms for static libs, they should be 0644

* the static libraries should certainly be moved to another
  subpackage like boost-static or boost-devel-static or something
Fixed, but I think probably boost-devel-static would be better. Thoughts? I
think this name is ok according to the guidelines, but what are other packages
doing WRT this issue?

* mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_docdir}
is unuseful

* add dots in %description

* -doc should be in Group Documentation (although Group doesn't matter much)
  and -devel in Development/Libraries

* it seems to me that -doc shouldn't require the main package.

* you should keep the timestamps for doc and headers by using -p

* use %defattr(-, root, root, -) instead of %defattr(-, root, root)

* put the html doc in the -doc subbpackage docdir and not in the main 
  package docdir, using %doc

Remaining MUST:
* rpmlint shows that

* libboost_python issues

* install permissions issues

* the %optflags are not used during the build.

Remaining SHOULD:

 there shouldn't be a mail sent for the test results

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