[Bug 236162] Review Request: kadischi - Fedora based LiveCD/LiveDVD creation utility

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Tue May 1 12:42:01 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: kadischi - Fedora based LiveCD/LiveDVD creation utility


------- Additional Comments From cgoorah at yahoo.com.au  2007-05-01 08:41 EST -------
Hello Jasper,
 * being the one who sponsored you 
 * and having received several unpleasing (private) emails concerning your 
personal character in the Fedora World (irc,mailing list...)
 * having worked which you on the kadischi project in the past,

I'm thereby pointing to you from my own perspective that you have proven 
yourself to be quite disagreeable and quick to lash out at people trying to 
help you on IRC who don't give you exactly the answer you want, very quickly 
resorting to profanity and name-calling.

However I respect the way you are pushing the dying project "Kadischi" to the 
surface, I guess you need support, so do any other fedora maintainer. 
Maintaining a package "X" in the Fedora Universe requires good communication 
with other fedora maintainers and with steering community members eventually. 

I know, the kadischi project is very dear to you and I'm sure that you will 
cooperate without any inconvenience in any situation to any fedora 
contributor. Am I right ?

It is important for me to know where you stand to continue kadischi's review.

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