[Bug 238270] Review Request: widelands - realtime-strategy game

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Summary: Review Request: widelands - realtime-strategy game


------- Additional Comments From karlikt at gmail.com  2007-05-06 11:55 EST -------
Thanks for review.
(In reply to comment #18)

> ========
> * You install pics/wl-logo-64.png as /usr/share/pixmaps/widelands.png, however
>   installing icons under /usr/share/pixmaps is obsolete, it should go under
>   /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps
> * Add icon update cache code to %post and %postun, see scriptlets page on the
>   wiki
> * Remove update-desktop-database from %post(un) this is only needed when you
>   install a new mimitype
> * Remove "Version" and "TryExec" from the .desktop file. Version should be  
>   set to the actual package version, not 1.0 since thats kinda hard todo for
>   this package and since Version isn't actually used by anything just remove it.
>   TryExec isn't needed here.
> * Merge -data and main package into one, no need / use for a seperate package
> Should Fix
> ==========
> * You do %define buildnum 10 and then everywhere were you use it you write:
>   build%{buildnum} why not just do: "%define build build10" and use %{build}
>   where you now use build%{buildnum}?
%define build_id build10
> * Why define rel, why not just directly enter it in the release field?
> * I agree with your assesment made in comment #3 about the locale files being
>   to generic named to go into the system dir, however they should still be
>   marked %lang XX (just like config files should be marked %config)
It was a little problem, but now it is OK

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