[Bug 239939] Review Request: libgii - GGI (General Graphics Interface) toolkit

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Wed May 30 10:51:58 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: libgii - GGI (General Graphics Interface) toolkit


------- Additional Comments From matthias at rpmforge.net  2007-05-30 06:51 EST -------
Preliminary comments :
- Why run autogen.sh when no Makefile.* or configure.* have been patched? Does
it fix something? If it does, please consider adding a comment in the spec file.
- Passing "--libdir=%{_libdir}" to %configure is redundant.
- Why build require Glide3-devel but pass --disable-glide to %configure? Again,
a spec file comment would be nice if anything is known to be broken.
- Why explicitly call "gmake"? RH/Fedora always has GNU make as "make".
- Maybe ChangeLog.1999 could be omitted. Might be the reason why upstream split
the ChangeLog in two in the first place (360kB saved upon installation).
- INSTALL suggests that --enable-threads might be useful.
- Also from INSTALL, might be worth looking at :
 "Use --disable-internal-xf86dga if you are having problems compile/running
  the DGA target.  This will cause the target to use the system's DGA
  protocol implementation instead of rolling its own."

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