[Bug 314161] Review Request: noip - Dynamic DNS client for no-ip.com

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Wed Nov 7 11:14:15 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: noip - Dynamic DNS client for no-ip.com


------- Additional Comments From mtasaka at ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp  2007-11-07 06:14 EST -------

* For general packaging issue, you can refer to
* You can also check your rpms using rpmlint (in rpmlint package)
  as "rpmlint *.rpm" "rpmlint noip" to detect general packaging

A. For spec file:
A-1  Description section
  * Epoch
    - Please don't introduce Epoch from first.

  * License
    - License tag is now invalid. Please refer to

  * Group
    - Group "Networking/Daemons" is invalid. You can check this
      by "rpmlint noip-*.src.rpm".
      And please refer to "rpmlint -I non-standard-group".

  * Initscripts related dependency
    - Please refer to the section "Services" of

  * BuildRoot
    - The valid BuildRoot for Fedora is also written on

A-2 %prep, %build, %install, %clean section
  * Macros consistency
    - If you want to use macros for commands, please use them consistently.
      For example, you use %__make, but you don't use %__rm or %__install.
    - And please use %_initrddir for /etc/rc.d/init.d

A-3 scriptlets section
  * service-default-enabled
    - service should not be enabled by default
      - Please remove "service noip restart" from %post. If you want to
        do this, this must be "condrestart".
      - And the line
# chkconfig:    2345 15 89
        in %_initrddir/noip should be
# chkconfig:    - 15 89
  * Typo?
    - What is %service in %preun scriptlet?

A-4 %files entry
  * nobody owner
    - Usually a daemon should be run as a unique owner.
      For this package, you should create "noip" user/group for example
      and noip script should be run as noip user.
      Please also refer to:
      for how to create user/group.

B. The rest rpmlint issue:
  - For rpmlint issue, you can see the explanation of them by
    "rpmlint -I mixed-use-of-spaces-and-tabs", for example
    Please remove rpmlint issue as much as possible.

    If you have some reasons the rpmlint complaint should not be
    fixed, please write the reasons on this bug.

C. Some notes
  * For %_initrddir/noip:
    - For example, perhaps the line:
      is the typo of
      , isn't it?

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