[Bug 248395] Review Request: sysusage - System monitoring based on perl, rrdtool, and sysstat

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Fri Nov 9 15:42:46 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: sysusage - System monitoring based on perl, rrdtool, and sysstat


------- Additional Comments From jason.corley at togethersoft.com  2007-11-09 10:42 EST -------
Let's take a step back for a moment, as I realized that my wording is misleading
at best and I have perhaps read a bit much into your original suggestion.  If
you are telling Rob to do the following:

    sed -i -e '/foo/bar/g' $RPM_BUILD_DIR/some_file

then you are 100% correct, that is exactly the same as a %patch directive. 
However if you are telling him to do the following:

    sed -i -e /foo/bar/g' $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/some_file

then you would be introducing a bug where none existed previously (and indeed
this is what you'd have to do for %SOURCE1 as it is not part of the tarball). 
Before you say how unlikely that situation is, please re-read the bug report I
pointed you towards, where exactly that ill-advised task was being done for the
RHEL5 kernel.

jason.tibbbbets: I find it comical that you would immediately jump to name
calling someone you don't know on the exact same day as Max Spevack's call for
civility.  Granted his email specifically targeted towards IRC, but you're
reading comprehension skills are already in question.  If you had looked at the
spec in any detail you would have noticed my name in the changelog, and logical
inference might have led one to believe that my commenting on this package is
not to troll but because I wrote it and thus have a vested interest in seeing it
not screwed up by rigid adherence to dogma for nothing more than the sake of
aesthetics.  Moving the sed from %install to %prep has absolutely no bearing on
the final result.  Rob has done a personal favor for me by submitting this
package, one which I appreciate (I will not sign a CLA, in case you are
wondering).  Since you see fit to label me a troll when I did not call you any
names I now feel happy to oblige.  What gets your blood boiling, insulting your
nation of origin, family history, genitalia size, significant other?  I can
certainly call into question your education as logical thinking and reading
skills are clearly devoid in whatever degree you've managed to get from that
mail-in program.

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