[Bug 291371] Review Request: teg - teg is a clone of a clone of Risk

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Summary: Review Request: teg - teg is a clone of a clone of Risk


mtasaka at ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp changed:

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------- Additional Comments From mtasaka at ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp  2007-10-10 09:39 EST -------
Well, general packaging guidelines are written on


If you have some questions about packaging issue, please
check these URLs first.

Some random notes for 0.11.2-4:
* SourceURL
  - Source tarball must be written in full URL.

* perl module BuildRequires
  - perl module BuildRequires must be written not by
    their rpm names but theire perl module names.

    In short, "BuildRequires: perl-XML-Parser" must be
    "BuildRequires: perl(XML::Parser)".

* Macros
  - Use macros when possible. /etc must be %_sysconfdir.

* %makeinstall
  - Please don't use %makeinstall when possible
    (check the section 
     "Why the %makeinstall macro should not be used" of

* desktop file
  - Desktop file must be installed by desktop-file-install
    (check the section "Desktop files" of the URL above)

  - Also, please consider below.
./teg.desktop: warning: boolean key "Terminal" in group "Desktop Entry" has
value "0", which is deprecated: boolean values should be "false" or "true"

* gconf schemas file
  - Would you explain why you want to remove gconf
    schemas file installed under %_sysconfdir/gconf/schemas ?

    Also you may want to see general guideline to handle
    schemas file, in the section "GConf" of

* update-desktop-database
  (check the section "desktop-database" of scriptlet wiki page)
  - update-desktop-database must be called when the desktop
    file has a MimeType key, but teg.desktop does not have.

* Directory ownership issue
  - The directories created by this package must be owned
    by this directory.

    ! Example (note: This is a example. There are some directories 
                     which are not correctly owned by this package.)
[tasaka1 at localhost ~]$ rpm -qf /usr/share/pixmaps/teg_pix/color_player_black.png 
[tasaka1 at localhost ~]$ rpm -qf /usr/share/pixmaps/teg_pix
file /usr/share/pixmaps/teg_pix is not owned by any package
      Here this package installs some file under
      %_datadir/pixmaps/teg_pix and those files are owned by this
      package. But the directory %_datadir/pixmaps/teg itself is
      not owned by this package.

    ! Note:
      When you write
      (where foo/ is a directory) in %files entry, this means
      the directory foo/ itself and all files/directories/etc
      under foo/, while
%dir foo/
      means the directory foo/ only.

* rpmlint issue
$ rpmlint teg
teg.i386: W: file-not-utf8 /usr/share/doc/teg-0.11.2/README
teg.i386: W: file-not-utf8 /usr/share/doc/teg-0.11.2/AUTHORS
teg.i386: W: summary-not-capitalized teg is a clone of a clone of Risk
  - README, AUTHORS should be converted into UTF-8.
  - Summary must begin with capital letter.
    ! Note: "teg is" in summary is redundant.

* Documents
  - It seems that there are some other files which I think should
    also be included as %doc, such as
    Maybe "TODO" can also be included as %doc.

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