[Bug 330951] Review Request: nbd - Network Block Device

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Summary: Review Request: nbd - Network Block Device


------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2007-10-13 20:03 EST -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> If there are further concerns about the package we can address it after initial
> import.  


> Eric does need practice on updating an existing package and requesting
> builds.

That's not very right, since all the fedora contributors should
be treated equally, but not a big deal either.

(In reply to comment #5)
> > The server and the client should certainly be in different
> > packages, especially since according to the README they
> > shouldn't be installed on the same computer.
> I disagree that it is necessary to split this package.  It would be overly
> pedantic to do so.  It is certainly not harmful to have both installed on the
> same system but to use only one or the other.
> On a more general level, we really want to avoid gratuitous package splits, as
> every additional package slows down every yum transaction.  This is a tiny and
> simple package with no real benefit in splitting.

I didn't said it was a must. The yum transaction slowing
is not a good reason in my opinion, if this is a concern, 
then we won't be able to scale anyway.

However it is true that splitting a package like this one
has advantages and disadvantages:

* since only one of both should be installed, it reduces
  the size of an installation. Of course this is by a small
  amount, but for this specific software one could imagine 
  setups where size matters.
* having things that are not useful not installed makes
  administration simpler.

* more complexity at the packaging level
* 2 packages, so the user has to know that the package is 
  split (although the names should be pretty straightforward
  to find out)

It seems to me that from a user point of view, having a split
package is better in that case (and in all the client/server
cases, in my opinion). In the end, leaving it to the packager 
seems right to me, still this has to be discussed.

> Please leave this to the user for now.  nbd can be used in many different ways.
>  LTSP specifically creates devices on-the-fly for an arbitrary number of
> clients, so it is wrong for the nbd base package to make any assumptions.


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