[Bug 285561] Review Request: wqy-unibit-fonts - a dual-width bitmap font for maximum unicode coverage

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Mon Sep 24 13:21:15 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: wqy-unibit-fonts - a dual-width bitmap font for maximum unicode coverage


------- Additional Comments From petersen at redhat.com  2007-09-24 09:21 EST -------
(In reply to comment #12)
> Jens, can you point me to the link where says this directory arrangement is
> prohibited (or not preferred)? I thought I read the guideline very carefully.

Well it appears on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/ReviewGuidelines:
"MUST: Packages must not own files or directories already owned by other
packages. The rule of thumb here is that the first package to be installed
should own the files or directories that other packages may rely upon. This
means, for example, that no package in Fedora should ever share ownership with
any of the files or directories owned by the filesystem or man package. If you
feel that you have a good reason to own a file or directory that another package
owns, then please present that at package review time."

> my thought was to use a two-level directory structure to provide a better
> separation of this font to other fonts in the system, so that the users can
> easily manage wenquanyi fonts on their system (I thought
> /usr/share/fonts/zh_CN/TrueType/... is similar). 

(cjkunifonts is now actually in a separate package for F8 with each
font in its own subpackage and subdir.)
But anyway fonts-chinese owned both zh_CN/ and zh_CN/TrueType/
and did not share them with any other package in fedora afaik.  Perhaps the
requirement can be waived for your packages, but I am just pointing out 
that it does go somewhat against the strict packaging guidelines.

> yes, there will be a truetype equivalence for unibit, my plan was to name it
> as wqy-univec-ttf, this font will probably be released in a couple of months.

Ok, then probably it can be called something like wqy-univec-fonts...

> there is another fonts, wqy-zenhei-ttf is now in public testing 
> I will soon pack it up for Fedora.


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