[Bug 438126] Review Request: konq-plugins - Additional plugins that interact with konqueror

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Wed Apr 9 11:03:59 UTC 2008

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Summary: Review Request: konq-plugins - Additional plugins that interact with konqueror


------- Additional Comments From kevin at tigcc.ticalc.org  2008-04-09 07:03 EST -------
Here's the evidence that the plugin is GPL:
It says:
The version isn't specified, but this isn't a blocker.

And more generally speaking: The FAQ you pointed to says:

4. If neither the source, nor the upstream composed documentation says 
anything about the license version, then it could be under _ANY_ version of 
the GPL. The version listed in COPYING is irrelevant from this perspective. 
Technically it could be under any license, but if all we have to go by is 
COPYING, we'll guess COPYING is accurate. 

Now, keep in mind that most upstreams are probably leaving the versioning out 
by accident. If you get to case 4, you definitely want to let upstream know 
that you are unable to determine the applicable version(s) of the license from 
the source and documentation. They'll almost certainly let you know what their 
intended license version is, and (hopefully) correct it in the upstream 

The problem of missing license headers in some files is unfortunately fairly 
common, not only in KDE. I don't think we have any reason to consider this 
anything other than an accident, considering KDE's licensing policy.

(Note: There are older revisions which didn't require GPLv3 compatibility, but 
they all required licenses which are acceptable for Fedora.)

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