[Bug 456678] Review Request: honeyd-1.5c-2.src.rpm - Honeypot daemon

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Fri Aug 1 09:28:52 UTC 2008

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Summary: Review Request: honeyd-1.5c-2.src.rpm - Honeypot daemon


------- Additional Comments From dan at danny.cz  2008-08-01 05:28 EST -------
formal review is here, please read the notes bellow

OK	source files match upstream:
	    e827ada394aff91f9c539cee35e946e81152426c  arpd-0.2.tar.gz
	    342cc53e8d23c84ecb91c7b66c6e93e7ed2a992a  honeyd-1.5c.tar.gz
OK	package meets naming and versioning guidelines.
BAD	specfile is properly named, is cleanly written and uses macros consistently.
BAD	dist tag is present.
OK	build root is correct.
BAD	license field matches the actual license.
OK	license is open source-compatible. License text included in package.
OK	latest version is being packaged.
BAD	BuildRequires are proper.
BAD	compiler flags are appropriate.
OK	%clean is present.
BAD	package builds in mock (Rawhide/x86_64).
??	debuginfo package looks complete.
??	rpmlint is silent.
??	final provides and requires look sane.
N/A	%check is present and all tests pass.
OK	no shared libraries are added to the regular linker search paths.
OK	owns the directories it creates.
OK	doesn't own any directories it shouldn't.
OK	no duplicates in %files.
OK	file permissions are appropriate.
OK	correct scriptlets present.
OK	code, not content.
OK	documentation is small, so no -docs subpackage is necessary.
OK	%docs are not necessary for the proper functioning of the package.
OK	no headers.
OK	no pkgconfig files.
OK	no libtool .la droppings.
OK	not a GUI app.

- you should standardize on using one of %{buildroot} and $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
- you should add the %dist tag
- arpd is licensed under BSD, so the right license tag is "GPLv2+ and BSD"
- missing BR: readline-devel, zlib-devel
- aprd doesn't build on 64-bit platforms (it checks for libevent and libpcap
only in ${prefix}/lib and checks for static lib only)
- CFLAGS are reset to "" in configure.in

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