[Bug 471145] Review Request: procinfo-ng - System monitoring application

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Wed Dec 3 19:22:33 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #3 from Michael Schwendt <bugs.michael at gmx.net>  2008-12-03 14:22:32 EDT ---
> g++ -O0 -g3 --pipe -Wall -lncurses procinfo.cpp -o procinfo

It ignores our global %{optflags}, also influenced by switching on
--enable-maintainer-mode. You want to make it accept $CFLAGS (as it doesn't use
$CXXFLAGS for C++) and make sure that $LDFLAGS does not include -s (to avoid
stripping the binaries as that would make the debuginfo pkg useless).

> /usr/bin/procinfo-ng

It builds just this executable (renamed from "procinfo") and therefore is not
suitable as a direct replacement of the procinfo package, which includes
"lsdev" and "socklist".

It is NOT options-compatible with the "procinfo" pkg either.

It conflicts with package "procinfo" in the manual page file, which you forgot
to rename to procinfo-ng.8

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