[Bug 252049] Review Request: asm2 - A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems

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Sat Feb 2 11:59:51 UTC 2008

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Summary: Review Request: asm2 - A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems


------- Additional Comments From rajeeshknambiar at gmail.com  2008-02-02 06:59 EST -------
Hi Vivek,
    An unofficial review of the package:

?? -  Meets Packaging Guidelines.
OK -  Package named correctly
NA -  Patches named correctly
OK -  Spec file named correctly to match base
NO *  License is valid
?? -  Licence field matches package
OK -  Licence file installed if supplied
OK -  Spec file in American English
?? -  Source matches upstream (md5)
NA -  Locales use %find_lang
OK -  %clean is present and correct
OK -  Package has correct buildroot.
OK -  Specfile Legible
OK -  Builds in Mock
NA -  %post/%postun calls ldconfig for sh libs
OK -  Owns directories it creates
OK -  No duplicate files
OK -  Has %defattr and has correct permissions
OK -  Macros used consistently
OK -  %doc does not affect runtime
NA -  Headers/static libs in -devel
NA -  .pc files in -devel
NA -  .so files in -devel
NA -  -devel requires base
OK -  Contains no .la libtool archive files
OK -  Does not own others files
NA -  .desktop files installed correctly
OK -  BuildRequires correct.
OK -  Package is code or permissible content.
OK -  Package has rm -rf %{buildroot} at top of %install.
      $RPM_BUILD_ROOT used instead
OK -  Package compiles and builds on at least one arch.
?? -  rpmlint output.
OK -  documentation in -doc package
OK -  final provides and requires are sane.
OK -  should have dist tag
?? -  should package latest version

 - RPMLint against asm2-2.1-2jpp.2.fc8.src.rpm says:
   asm2.src: W: mixed-use-of-spaces-and-tabs (spaces: line 9, tab: line 31)
   asm2.src: W: non-standard-group Development/Libraries/Java
   asm2.src: W: invalid-license BSD-style

 - Source0 should be
   Moreover, I couldn't download the source from the specified location on Feb
02, 2008. Connection timed out.
   So I couldn't verify if the package is of latest version or not.
 - License 'BSD-style' is non standard.

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