[Bug 199154] Review Request: Slony-1 (postgresql-slony-engine)

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Thu Feb 21 19:22:31 UTC 2008

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Summary: Review Request: Slony-1 (postgresql-slony-engine)


------- Additional Comments From ruben at rubenkerkhof.com  2008-02-21 14:22 EST -------
I see only two rpmlint. errors, quite easy to fix:

[ruben at localhost ~]$ rpmlint -i
postgresql-slony1.i386: E: non-standard-dir-perm
/usr/share/doc/postgresql-slony1-1.2.13 0644
A standard directory should have permission set to 0755. If you get this
message, it means that you have wrong directory permissions in some dirs
included in your package.

[ruben at localhost ~]$ rpmlint -i
postgresql-slony1.src:229: W: macro-in-%changelog docs
Macros are expanded in %changelog too, which can in unfortunate cases lead
to the package not building at all, or other subtle unexpected conditions that
affect the build.  Even when that doesn't happen, the expansion results in
possibly "rewriting history" on subsequent package revisions and generally
odd entries eg. in source rpms, which is rarely wanted.  Avoid use of macros
in %changelog altogether, or use two '%'s to escape them, like '%%foo'.

Could you please go through the spec file and the comments in this review and
see if they still apply? For instance the specific fixes for 1.2.10?

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