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Summary: Merge Review: timidity++


------- Additional Comments From j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl  2008-03-03 15:17 EST -------
(In reply to comment #13)
> For 2.13.2-13:
> * Patches merge
>   - Please merge the patches which can be merged (especially
>     a patch and a patch to the patch, e.g. Patch(0) and
>     Patch16)
> * License
>   - Now License tag is just GPLv2.
> * Macros
>   - Unify macros usage. For example (I have not checked all
>     macros usage inconsistency)

All fixed.

>   - For hardcoded /etc, please also check my comment 2.

Erm, asking consistent use of %{_sysconfdir} in a .spec I agree with, but asking
to use rpm macros in patches, thats just pedantic: -ewontfix

New version with the 3 items above fixed:

Note to people watching along this is not build / committed to CVS yet as it
requires PersonalCopy-Lite-soundfont which is under review, see bug 430417.

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