[Bug 436741] Review Request: ltsp - Linux Terminal Server Project

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Mon Mar 10 20:28:45 UTC 2008

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Summary: Review Request: ltsp - Linux Terminal Server Project


------- Additional Comments From wtogami at redhat.com  2008-03-10 16:28 EST -------
ltsp.src:183: E: hardcoded-library-path in /usr/lib/syslinux/pxelinux.0
ltsp.src:184: E: hardcoded-library-path in /usr/lib/syslinux/pxelinux.0
Necessary because you want the 32bit version.

ltsp-client.x86_64: E: zero-length /etc/lts.conf
Necessary because we need a blank file to be a mount point for bind mounts on
the client.

ltsp-client.x86_64: W: non-conffile-in-etc /etc/rwtab.d/k12linux.rwtab
Necessary because we want this to be dropped into the client chroot but it
should be blown away during package upgrade.

ltsp-client.x86_64: E: zero-length /var/lib/random-seed
Another bind mount target.

ltsp-server.x86_64: E: dir-or-file-in-opt /opt/ltsp
Upstream standard, we are not changing this without their agreement.

ltsp-server.x86_64: W: non-conffile-in-etc /etc/sysconfig/k12_dist
This is changing before F9.

ltsp-server.x86_64: E: zero-length /usr/share/ltsp/chkconfig.d/nbdrootd
ltsp-server.x86_64: E: zero-length /usr/share/ltsp/chkconfig.d/ldminfod
ltsp-server.x86_64: E: zero-length
Meant to be blank.

ltsp-server.x86_64: E: non-executable-script
/usr/share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/Fedora/010-chroot-creator 0644
It is meant to be sourced and not executed directly.

ltsp-server.x86_64: E: init-script-without-chkconfig-postin /etc/init.d/ltsp-dhcpd
ltsp-server.x86_64: E: init-script-without-chkconfig-preun /etc/init.d/ltsp-dhcpd
ltsp-server.x86_64: E: incoherent-subsys /etc/init.d/ltsp-dhcpd dhcpd
ltsp-server.x86_64: W: service-default-enabled /etc/init.d/ltsp-dhcpd
ltsp-server.x86_64: W: incoherent-init-script-name ltsp-dhcpd
These might be legitimate, looking into this.

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