[Bug 435155] Review Request: fuse-s3fs - Fuse filesystem for amazon.com's S3 storage service

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Wed Mar 12 05:07:28 UTC 2008

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Summary: Review Request: fuse-s3fs - Fuse filesystem for amazon.com's S3 storage service


------- Additional Comments From feliciano.matias at free.fr  2008-03-12 01:07 EST -------
Thanks for the reply (and sorry for my poor english).

> It is precisely what I indicated it was.  All the metadata for the fs is
stored in a python class that is pickled.  If you want to see what the data
structure looks like, all you need to do is look at the s3fs code.

For me it's also obvious.
My point of view was the "average joe".
For exemple the underlying FS of fuse-smb is smb. fuse-smb is compatible with
any smb implementation, can use any smb implementation. Fuse-smb is a client of
an smb server (which is a file system). For fuse-sshfs, it's ssh/scp. These fuse
file systems "export" _already existing_ file systems.

Fuse-s3fs does not have any underlying FS. S3 is not a file system. Unlike smb
or ssh, (fuse-)s3fs is not a "standard". fuse-s3fs define an entirely new file
system (like s3fs form google code do, etc). It's clear for "advanced" users, I
think it's less obvious for the average joe.
I think we should point this somewhere in the documentation. That is, fuse-s3fs
form Fedora is not compatible with s3fs from goole and so on.
It's an important point for the "average joe". He should not think "great I can
use my S3 storage with linux (fuse-s3fs) and with Windows (win-s3fs or like)".

> for the mount options?


The whole propose of this bug report is the approval of fuse-s3fs to Fedora.
For me fuse-s3fs is fine for Fedora.
Sure, it should have bugs and miss features (it does not support S3 Europe :-)).
But the goal of Fedora is "the rapid progress of Free, Open Source software and
content" and share innovations (even if it's risky) with the broad Fedora community.


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