[Bug 285551] Review Request: idw-gpl - Java Swing based docking windows framework

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Thu May 1 23:11:44 UTC 2008

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Summary: Review Request: idw-gpl - Java Swing based docking windows framework


------- Additional Comments From loganjerry at gmail.com  2008-05-01 19:11 EST -------
Andrew, thanks for taking a look.  Here are my answers to the questions.
- License field: the actual Java source files all contain the "or (at your
option) any later version" clause in the headers, so that's why I went with GPLv2+.
- I sent the patches upstream months ago.  They told me they would like to apply
them all to their code base, and asked me to assign copyright to them.  I did. 
Time has passed, and they have not released a new version or communicated with
me again.  I moved the comments as requested.
- I have not compared this jar with upstream, good point.  It's a good thing you
asked me to do that, as I failed to package up some .png files.  The jar
produced by this spec file is still not identical to upstream, but the
differences are now cosmetic only.
- I changed "Swing based" to "Swing-based" in the Summary and description.
- The spec file now uses cp -p.
- I changed the two %files patterns.

Also, the conditional GCJ parts weren't in the guidelines when I made this
package.  I have added those.  Here's the latest version:

Spec: http://jjames.fedorapeople.org/idw-gpl/idw-gpl.spec
SRPM: http://jjames.fedorapeople.org/idw-gpl/idw-gpl-1.5.0-4.src.rpm

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