[Bug 461338] Review Request: dahdi - Userspace tools to configure the DAHDI kernel modules

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Thu Oct 9 09:41:56 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #4 from Anthony Messina <amessina at messinet.com>  2008-10-09 05:41:54 EDT ---
Excellent work Jeff, and thank you!. I've been following your devel process on
this as I'm just about prepared to switch over to DAHDI (when you're able to
build the asterisk-1.6 RPMs.  In conjunction with that, I'll be building my own
kernel modules package and I'm trying to keep it so that it will fit nicely
with your official Fedora packages.

On that note, would it be unreasonable to suggest that the resulting package
that contains everything except -per -libs and -devel be named "dahdi-tools" to
stay inline with the upstream naming?

Then folks would be looking for:


from Fedora, and looking for (perhaps):

dahdi-linux-`uname -r`

either by building themselves or from people like me or Axel Thimm.

It's not a big deal, just a suggestion.  Again, thanks for the work. I hope to
see this accepted soon so we can move up on asterisk-1.6.1

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