[Bug 466737] Review Request: matio - Library for reading/writing Matlab MAT files

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Thu Oct 16 19:39:04 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #3 from Jason Tibbitts <tibbs at math.uh.edu>  2008-10-16 15:39:03 EDT ---
I'm not sure I understand about the patch fuzz; are you saying that gendiff
generates patches which need fuzz to apply or that the F8-generated patches
simply need fuzz to apply on rawhide?  Either of those cases seems somewhat
bizarre to me.

I understand that there are muliple ways to disable rpath; my concern is
thatthe  sed call shouldn't be there at all if it's commented out.  At least
not without some explanatory comment about it.

I understand that it doesn't seem interesting include both PDF and HTML
documentation; my point is that I can't tell from the comments in your spec
that you have code to accomplish that.  "#Fake the pdf creation" isn't
sufficient elaboration.

> The problem with the path for the fortran files is that they are listed in the
> src/Makefile.am whereas present in the src/fortran/ directory. 

Well, your comments indicate that the problem with this is improper debuginfo
generation.  Is that the case?

All I'm asking is that you comment your spec such that I can understand it. 
This spec has several different hacks in it, yet it doesn't describe why
they're needed clearly enough that someone else can look at it and understand
why the hacks are all there.

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