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--- Comment #14 from Hans de Goede <hdegoede at redhat.com>  2009-04-03 08:00:53 EDT ---

I'm afraid that I've not done my review properly, trusting to much on Fabain's
initial review.

I just checked the AUTHORS file and the licensing discussed in there is a big
red flag. Quoting from the AUTHORS file:

"CHORD is licensed following the conditions of the general GNU license.
You are authorized to use this program free of charge. You are
authorized to distribute this program freely as long as the full
source is included. You are not allowed to remove the `copyright'
notices from the authors nor are you allowed to pretend you wrote it.
You are not allowed to charge any money for CHORD. You are not allowed
to distribute a modified version of CHORD without written
authorizations from the authors. You are not allowed to use parts of
CHORD in any other commercial or public-domain software. Sorry for all
the negatives rules ... but we've been bitten once!"

The GPL of course is fine, however the additional non GPL compatible rules
like no selling or not acceptable for Fedora. I notice that you are the new
upstream, and that you've written:

"CHORD is originally written by Martin Leclerc and Mario Dorion.
Unfortunately, they have given up interest and disappeared from the

I hope that that is not entirely true, and with some hunting you can still
contact them and get them to wave the "extra rules" they've added on top of
the GPL, otherwise this program cannot be part of Fedora.


As discussed already, I would review your current 4 package submissions,
and once they are all approved, I would sponsor you. However this package looks
like it will hit serious license troubles, so I would like to change
the deal (in your benefit) to the following: as soon as the other 3 packages
are approved I'll sponsor you.

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