[Bug 495577] Review Request: xsw - A simple slideshow producer and viewer

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--- Comment #5 from Jussi Lehtola <jussi.lehtola at iki.fi>  2009-04-17 05:47:33 EDT ---
Of course, you don't need to use loops, you can just do the changes in three

sed -i 's|DATADIR "VeraBd.ttf"|"/usr/share/fonts/bitstream-vera/VeraBd.ttf"|g'
sed -i 's|DATADIR
"VeraSeBd.ttf"|"/usr/share/fonts/bitstream-vera/VeraSeBd.ttf"|g' src/execute.c
sed -i 's|DATADIR
"VeraMono.ttf"|"/usr/share/fonts/bitstream-vera/VeraMono.ttf"|g' src/execute.c

but looping would be neater.

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