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--- Comment #14 from Denis Arnaud <denis.arnaud_fedora at m4x.org>  2009-04-18 12:40:05 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> * Fedora's optflags guidelines are still not adhered to -- only the mysql
> backend uses them.

I have fixed the configure.ac file: the CXXFLAGS was copied into CXXFLAGS_OPT
and then set to void. In the other side, the MySQL backend was compiled with
the correct flags, because that was what the `mysql_config --cflags` command
returned. But that latter may not be portable/consistent across all the
The new configure.ac file does no longer override the CXXFLAGS, and I have
changed the ax_{mysql,postgresql}.m4 files, so that the cppflags only add the
"-I${includedir}" option when appropriate.

The updated files are here:
Spec URL: http://denisarnaud.fedorapeople.org/soci.spec
SRPM URL: http://denisarnaud.fedorapeople.org/soci-3.0.0-4.fc10.src.rpm

[Patch URLs:
has been updated

And the corresponding Koji build:
http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=1306924 (i586) and
http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=1306926 (x86_64)

> * Since you've made ##heavy## use of _with/_without, you might be interested in
> learning about the %bcond_with/%bcond_without macros. See section "Conditional
> build stuff" in /usr/lib/rpm/macros.  

I have read that section, and it may help reduce a little bit my usage of
_with/_without. Still, I have to figure how to replace part of those latter
with the %bcond_with/%bcond_without macros.

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