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--- Comment #12 from Nalin Dahyabhai <nalin at redhat.com>  2009-04-20 17:13:34 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> >> krb5.src: W: strange-permission krb5-tex-pdf.sh 0755
> >> A file that you listed to include in your package has strange permissions.
> >> Usually, a file should have 0644 permissions.
> >
> >We run this script during the build.  We could take the execute bit off and run
> >a shell with the script as its argument, I guess.
> Probably worth doing.


> >> krb5-libs.i386: W: hidden-file-or-dir /usr/kerberos/man/man5/.k5login.5.gz
> >> The file or directory is hidden. You should see if this is normal, and delete
> >> it from the package if not.
> >> 
> >> ???????????
> >
> >This is the man page for the use of ~/.k5login.  Not really sure what to do
> >with it.
> Since it's a valid manpage with a valid name, file a bug for an rpmlint
> exception.

Filed bug #496735.

> >> krb5-workstation.i386: E: setuid-binary /usr/kerberos/bin/ksu root 04755
> >> The file is setuid, this may be dangerous, especially if this  file is setuid
> >> root.
> >> 
> >> Necessary, I suspect.
> >
> >Yup.  For a while we took the setuid bit off, but it's actually useless without
> >it, and the bug reports were rarely friendly.
> I can imagine. :)  rpmlint exception here, too.

Filed, bug #496737.

> ...
> Am I to understand that this will be deprecated upon removal of krb4 stuff?  

Yup.  When the code to handle the krb4 protocol gets turned off and eventually
ejected, krb524 (and its client, krb524init) disappear as well.

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