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Tue Apr 21 11:34:44 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #53 from Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com>  2009-04-21 07:34:42 EDT ---
* We may omit messages, regarding relative symlinks (just add a note somewhere
in %doc that there may be some issues with chrooting)

* we may ignore messages about no-documentation and about no-binary.

* These messages needs fixing:

firebird-server-common.ppc64: E: sourced-script-with-shebang
firebird-server-common.ppc64: E: executable-sourced-script
firebird-server-common.ppc64: E: sourced-script-with-shebang
firebird-server-common.ppc64: E: executable-sourced-script

Note, that files in /etc/profile.d should be 0644 and shouldn't have

* This message "firebird-superserver.ppc64: E: subsys-not-used
/etc/rc.d/init.d/firebird" warns you that your init-script ddidn't used
/var/lock/subsys - this may be omitted, but more better idea is to fix
init-script. All you need is to touch /var/lock/subsys/firebird at start and
remove it at stop. See /etc/init.d/rsyslog for example.

* regarding messages about dangerous-command-in- - Im afraid we cannot do much
here, so we should omit them too. At least for now. If some issues will occur,
then you should solve them as they will go.

* Regarding "firebird.ppc64: W: name-repeated-in-summary Firebird" - easyfix.

* Regarding "firebird-classic.ppc64: W: obsolete-not-provided
firebird-client-embedded" - please add "Provides: firebird-client-embedded"

* "firebird-superserver.ppc64: W: incoherent-init-script-name firebird" -
should be ignored.

* "firebird-devel.ppc64: E: invalid-soname
libib_util.so" - should be ignored

* "firebird-server-common.ppc64: E: zero-length /var/log/firebird/firebird.log"
- should be ignored.

Ok, please comment this remaining rpmlint message:

* firebird-server-common.ppc64: E: non-readable /etc/firebird/security2.fdb

And we'll move further.

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