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--- Comment #28 from Milos Jakubicek <xjakub at fi.muni.cz>  2009-02-06 11:13:41 EDT ---
I dare to comment on this here as I cannot agree with Jaroslav -- I think that
exactly this is the right place and moment to try explaining the things to
someone who just submitted his first package(s):

(In reply to comment #24)
> Done. OK... I hope thats that... Wow.. Its a good thing to be able to
> contribute. But just a thought really... shuoldn't this process be a lot
> easier. I mean this should be go through a process to make sure you are who you 
> say you are, then submit the appropriate files to the web interface and thats
> that.

After about a year being a Fedora packager, I think now I understand _why_ the
process is so convoluted and, moreover, why it must be so.

> This process is way to convoluted. I feel like my head has been squeezed like a
> pimple.

Yes, I had similar feelings after submitting my first package, but you should
distinct between two different areas of complexity:

- Packaging Guidelines -- they are definitely not short and may be seen as too
strict, but they are really necessary if we want to keep certain quality level
of our packages (and, at least in my opinion, the quality of our packages is a
strong point of Fedora compared to other distributions)

- all the technicalities around -- the review process, all the review/cvs
flags, Koji, Bodhi, cvs access etc. -- all these things are really not as hard
as they might appear for the first time and you'll get used to them. Many of
those things are great tools or serve for better communication, you'll
(hopefully) see.

Hence, last but not least: thanks for packaging:)!

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