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--- Comment #9 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>  2009-02-18 14:33:36 EDT ---
This is a reminder for all the packagers that still have bugs open about
adapting to font packaging guidelines there is only one month left before
Fedora 11 beta:

A week of this month will see the Fedora 11 mass rebuild, that will load the
build farm:

As already converted packages showed it is quite possible to make mistakes
during the conversion. Please make releng and QA happy and don't wait till the
last minute to do your changes (avoid pre-beta panic). If possible start before
the mass rebuild so we don't burn cycles on incorrect packages.

The PackageKit enhancements stated for Fedora 11 assume fonts and font-using
packages are sane (basically respect packaging guidelines). It is quite
possible that not-converted packages will interact with the F11 font
autoinstall feature in "interesting" ways.

We don't want that

There is extensive documentation on the wiki and most of your questions have
likely already been answered there. Please do read the FAQ before making more
work for the support team by asking questions answered there.

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