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--- Comment #5 from Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 at freenet.de>  2009-07-03 08:47:47 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #4)

> > That said, I am not sure, this package should enter Fedora.
> Why?
Fedora's mission is to be a "leading edge distro", not a "bleeding edge"
distro, consisting of more or less non-functional, immature packages.

IMO, this package is not unlikely of the latter kind.

> > Besides this, I am not excited about how you package your moblin packages. In
> > particular, I consider you to be acting pretty careless wrt. the autotools,
> > NVRs and further details.  
> What's exactly wrong with them,
You should not run the autotools at build-time, but run them in advance and add
the result through patches - That's how the autotools are supposed to be used.

By not doing so, you are exposing yourselves to the risks of non-determinisic
builts and your users to risks of exposing them to mis-built packages.

> I
> believe the adhere to to the Package Guidelines but its always possible that
> I've missed stuff.  
The FPG doesn't contain a rule mandating it, because certain key-people in
Fedora refuse to implement such a rule and prefer to expose people to risks
because "it's so convenient".

My opinion differs substantially. I conside running the autotools during builts
as elementary beginners mistake and refuse to review any package doing so.

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