[Bug 489686] Review Request: armadillo - fast C++ matrix library with interfaces to LAPACK and ATLAS

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--- Comment #71 from Jussi Lehtola <jussi.lehtola at iki.fi>  2009-07-06 03:46:32 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #70)
> Upon generation of the binary packages, there is only one very minor warning on
> "armadillo-devel-0.6.12-1.fc10.x86_64.rpm":
> armadillo-devel.x86_64: W: wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding
> /usr/share/doc/armadillo-0.6.12/README.txt
> This is due to DOS end-of-line encoding used for that file (alone) in the
> upstream package. The DOS encoding was specifically used so the README file is
> readable using the brain-damaged Notepad under Windows (which is the default
> program for opening text files).
> Under Linux, the DOS end-of-line encoding has no ill effects for all practical
> purposes. The file is viewed without any problems using viewers/editors such as
> "more", "less", "gedit", "kwrite", "nano", etc.  

Still, you need to fix it. This is quite trivial: run

for file in README; do
 sed 's/\r//' $file >$file.new && \
 touch -r $file $file.new && \
 mv $file.new $file

in the %setup phase to convert it.

(If you try catting the file it doesn't work properly.)

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