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--- Comment #12 from D Haley <mycae at yahoo.com>  2009-07-13 20:50:26 EDT ---
Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, please read the upstream bug at
the gri tracker:

The developer (Dan) has stated that he is keen to help us, but my
interpretation of the situation is that Dan is not certain about the best
licence to use to satisfy both Debian and Fedora needs, and what needs to be
done once the author has chosen a licence.

I would tentatively suggest that GPLv2+ (GPL version 2 or any later) would be
the best option, as this allows both debian and fedora to use the author's
work, and makes packaging a breeze, if the author wants to relicence. 

If not, GPLv2 is OK, but this also needs to be listed in the source code
boiler-plate, as specified in the how to. Using GPLv2 makes packaging a little
bit harder, as we cannot link to GPLv3 code.

> This information is down near the end of the GPL text, at "How to
> Apply These Terms to Your New Programs". 

As you say, All that needs to happen is the source files need to comply with
the GPL how-to (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-howto.html)

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