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--- Comment #51 from Jens Petersen <petersen at redhat.com>  2009-03-12 03:16:05 EDT ---
> Attached is a screenshot of a practical use case where we are using installing
> different versions of the fedora security guide on the same distro. By having
> separate Fedora versioned packages, system administrators can read and perform
> specific fedora release procedures. This saves them from having to install the
> Security Guide package on 3 different instances of Fedora. Does this make
> sense?

Parallel install (ie having multiple versions installed) is really another
I can see publican's way makes sense on RHEL but I am not sure on Fedora where
we have
a new release every 6 months or so.  How many fedora-security-guide's do we
to have in a fedora release?  Or maybe you are thinking about subpackaging.
The base package name does not have to determine the name of the package that
installed.  I don't think we support installing multiple versions of the
fedora release-notes either say.

I am not recommending this, but fedora-security-guide could provide
a fedora-security-guide-11 package for F11, etc, allowing parallel install.
As I see it though there should only be one base package in Fedora and it
be named "fedora-security-guide" (going by the current submission).
How fedora-security-guide.spec gets created is not really Fedora's problem.
Publican spec files are not that hard to write and could easily be scripted,
if publican can't do the Right Thing for Fedora packaging.

I see parallel installation as a corner-case and not something Fedora needs
go out of its way to support: IMHO most users would only want the latest
of the guide installed - are the changes in security between Fedora releases
really that big?

But if the Fedora Packaging Committee can be persuaded that we need an
for Publican or approves packaging guidelines for publican packages that would
be fine.

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