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--- Comment #52 from Michael Hideo <mhideo at redhat.com>  2009-03-12 06:44:32 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #51)
> > Attached is a screenshot of a practical use case where we are using installing
> > different versions of the fedora security guide on the same distro. By having
> > separate Fedora versioned packages, system administrators can read and perform
> > specific fedora release procedures. This saves them from having to install the
> > Security Guide package on 3 different instances of Fedora. Does this make
> > sense?
> Parallel install (ie having multiple versions installed) is really another
> issue.
> I can see publican's way makes sense on RHEL but I am not sure on Fedora where
> we have
> a new release every 6 months or so.  How many fedora-security-guide's do we
> want
> to have in a fedora release?  

As many fedora platforms as the system administrators are administering.

Or maybe you are thinking about subpackaging.
> The base package name does not have to determine the name of the package that
> is
> installed.  I don't think we support installing multiple versions of the
> fedora release-notes either say.

If I could provide a metric that shows that people reading the fedora 10
release notes online are not running fedora 10, would you be supportive of this

> I am not recommending this, but fedora-security-guide could provide
> a fedora-security-guide-11 package for F11, etc, allowing parallel install.
> As I see it though there should only be one base package in Fedora and it
> should
> be named "fedora-security-guide" (going by the current submission).
> How fedora-security-guide.spec gets created is not really Fedora's problem.
> Publican spec files are not that hard to write and could easily be scripted,
> if publican can't do the Right Thing for Fedora packaging.
> I see parallel installation as a corner-case and not something Fedora needs
> go out of its way to support: IMHO most users would only want the latest
> version
> of the guide installed - are the changes in security between Fedora releases
> really that big?
> But if the Fedora Packaging Committee can be persuaded that we need an
> exception
> for Publican or approves packaging guidelines for publican packages that would
> be fine.

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