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--- Comment #16 from Brennan Ashton <bashton at brennanashton.com>  2009-03-13 01:34:26 EDT ---
Here is an updated spec and srpm:

The static is required to even think about running, so I merged that into the
main package.  Devel is need for some programs but not all, I am not sure what
to do, it is small and anything requiring stdio.h will require it.

I do not see why this would be bad here and ok with gcc?
tinycc-devel.i386: E: only-non-binary-in-usr-lib

The program has (from what I understand) and inherent SELinux issue.  To run
correctly you need to disable the SELinux bool for memheap protection.  What
should I do with this.  You can still compile and run, which defeats most of
the purpose (still 10 time faster then gcc for may compiles).

As for being arch specific, I could see it go either way. I would be leaning
towards yes, because of float.h which sets some variable sizes which may be
different in 64bit.

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