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--- Comment #43 from Dave Malcolm <dmalcolm at redhat.com>  2009-11-04 12:49:18 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #42)
> (In reply to comment #41)
> > Re (ii), is there a standard way for a -devel package to drop macros into a
> > directory (e.g. /usr/lib/rpm ) in such a way that rpm will automatically use
> > them?  Is this acceptable practice?  
> Yes.  Create the macros in a file named macros.python3 (and macros.python for
> the python2 macros) and drop them into %{_sysconfdir}/rpm/.
> For instance, /etc/rpm/macros.perl in the perl-devel file.  

Updated specfile: http://dmalcolm.fedorapeople.org/python3.spec
Updated SRPM: http://dmalcolm.fedorapeople.org/python3-3.1.1-9.fc11.src.rpm
Diff between 3.1.1-8 and 3.1.1-9:

I've tested this with a sample specfile and it works.

One possible drawback is that the macro files are read (with rpmInitMacros) and
expanded on every rpm operation, which means that when python3-devel is
installed, every "rpm" invocation is going to be quietly invoking
/usr/bin/python3 twice on startup.  None of the existing macro files seem to
invoke subprocess during expansion.

Having said that, it only affects systems with python-devel installed, so I
don't see this as a problem.

I'll look at doing something similar for the main "python-devel" package.

rpmlint output is as before (see comment #38)

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