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--- Comment #65 from Paul Howarth <paul at city-fan.org> 2010-08-09 10:47:03 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #64)
> >The "touch" and initial "chmod" parts of "create db ghosts" in %install are
> >redundant because the files were created in the immediately preceding part of
> >the spec, and with the correct permissions.
> Looks OK for me (line 395+). The previous parts are for sources, these are for
> .db.

Quite right.

> >%description for the doc subpackage needs rewriting.
> I did my best, but english is not my native language. Feel free to propose
> something more appropriate.    

I'd suggest this:

  This package contains the Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide (PDF),
  text files containing configuration documentation, plus a number of
  scripts and tools for use with Sendmail.

A couple of other quick points:

 * the "README.redhat" (newconfig patch) describes changes that happened for
   sendmail 8.12.x back in July 2002 and reflects what is now standard
   practice in Sendmail installations. I wouldn't have thought it was
   needed any more.

 * README.sendmail doesn't appear to contain anything of use to people
   installing the package.

Robert, do you have any objections to this package being approved now?

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