[Bug 620242] Review Request: python-ETSDevTools - Enthought tools to support Python development

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Thu Dec 2 04:09:01 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #1 from Jason Tibbitts <tibbs at math.uh.edu> 2010-12-01 23:09:00 EST ---
Builds OK; rpmlint says:

python-ETSDevTools.x86_64: E: no-binary
python-ETSDevTools.x86_64: W: no-manual-page-for-binary endo-readstate
python-ETSDevTools.x86_64: W: no-manual-page-for-binary endo
python-ETSDevTools.x86_64: W: no-manual-page-for-binary ets_endo
python-ETSDevTools-debuginfo.x86_64: E: empty-debuginfo-package

Are you sure this should be an arch-specific package?

With a license tag that complicated, you definitely need to indicate which part
of the package is under which license.  Please read

Nothing seems to own [...]/sitepackages/enthought

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