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--- Comment #22 from Nicolas Chauvet (kwizart) <kwizart at gmail.com> 2010-12-02 11:41:26 EST ---
As warned at Spot on Fudcond Zurich, but not on this tread actually.

vlc playback hightly depends on FFmpeg. If you cannot offer to have that
library in fedora that will make vlc users <<suffer>> even with free software

Will you be able to read libvpx with such vlc-free ?
No, because it depends on ffmpeg itself as no specific module is ever planed to
be made from vlc but using the ffmpeg libavcodec decoder.

Same for some chroma conversion, thoses have been removed from next vlc branch
because they were duplicating with ffmpeg ones.

With that said, there is no common point of comparing Gstreamer and vlc as a
Framework when there is to deal with patent concern. Whereas Gstreamer pick out
the single code they want from FFmpeg to make a Gstreamer module. VLC removes
everything that is already present in FFmpeg to avoid duplication, so it makes
a big difference.

You won't solve that using modules, when such specific module doesn't even
exists for the single task you want. Or such sigle modules would need to be
compiled two time, (one patentless and another patent version).

So, such ffmpeg-less vlc will probably not work well and be a pain to maintain,
when it will have to deal with playbacks. Which is probably not what targets
phonon backend. And I'm not yet sure that the server only side in fedora can be
completed without functionality loss.

At least, I would like to have some feedback as the conditional to make it
build in a fedora mock are worked on from the current rpmfusion spec file. Just
simple tasks:
- It would be interesting to list which codecs work at playback, which one
- list the vlc-core modules built from a fedora mock from those built from
current package.
- checks from the source code of the fedora vlc-core modules if they have
preprocessor macro from optional patented dependencies.
- check if such module is actually usefull for something.
- etc.

Last, there is still a real problem with the cache plugin at runtime. (the
patch from rex was at build time). It would have allowed for new vlc modules to
be correctly registered. For now, new modules sometime won't be seen because
vlc-cache-gen is crashing while installing a new module.
(in which case yum reinstall vlc-core strangely solve things sometime).

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