[Bug 659756] Review Request: libnfsidmap - Library that handles mapping between names and ids for NFSv4.

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Fri Dec 3 16:35:43 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #2 from Steve Whitehouse <swhiteho at redhat.com> 2010-12-03 11:35:43 EST ---
MUST items:

Package name: ok
Spec file name: ok
Package Guidelines:
 - Spec is readable
 - Arch support (>1 arch)
 - Meets FHS
 - Change log format is correct
 - Tags ok
 - Requires/deps ok
 - Build requires ok
 - Summary & Description ok
 - Docs ok
 - Devel pkg content ok
 - post/postun ok
 - Uses mix of ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT} and %{buildroot}
   * Should use one of the other style consistently as per:
     "Using %{buildroot} and %{optflags} vs $RPM_BUILD_ROOT and $RPM_OPT_FLAGS"
 - Package appears to use gettext, but there is no find_lang macro call
     "Handling Locale Files"
 - Is is possible to use parallel make?
     "Parallel make"
License: ok
Spec file in english: ok
Spec file legible: ok
Spec file successfully compiles
Locale handling: see comment above
System lib check: ok
Relocation: N/A
Owns all directories: ok
Lists files only once in %files: ok
Consistent use of macros: see above comment on buildroot
Must contain code or permissible content: ok
%doc doesn't affect runtime: ok
Header files must be in -devel: ok
.so in devel: ok
Versioned dep for -devel: ok
Must not contain .la archives: ok
Must not own files/dirs owned by other packages: ok
All filenames must be UTF-8: ok

Thats all the must items, should items coming up shortly.

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