[Bug 551878] Review Request: font-manager - A font management application for the GNOME desktop environment

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Mon Jan 11 02:35:39 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #13 from Jean-Francois Saucier <jfsaucier at infoglobe.ca> 2010-01-10 21:35:34 EST ---
> install -m 644 *.py{,c,o} $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/share/font-manager/
> rm $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/share/font-manager/static.py*

I didn't think of that way, yours ease the reading of the Makefile and
facilitate the maintenance.

Also, thanks for the explanation on Python optimization. I just bought a book
on Python and plan to gain some skills on it in the next few weeks.

I didn't submit any new SPEC and SRPM because the author plan a new release
this week fixing the .desktop file permission, the Makefile problem, some other
bugs and more importantly, the "tmpdir" problem.

As soon as 0.4.3 is out, I will submit an updated package here.

Thank you!

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