[Bug 509856] Review Request: qrencode - The libqrencode library and application encodes QR Code symbols (2d barcodes)

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Tue Jan 12 18:43:24 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #19 from Bowe Strickland <bowe at redhat.com> 2010-01-12 13:43:18 EST ---
It was not my intent to show disrespect, and I greatly appreciate the
time that Steve, Jason, and Mamoru have spent in reviewing my submission.  
With the exception of %check, I thought I had willingly implemented all of the

By submitting packaging I was already doing for another project, I
hoped to learn to make more compliant packages, and to contribute to
the Fedora project what I think is worthwhile and relevant software,
and my efforts in supporting that software through future releases.

Through the process, I'm learning that the Fedora project greatly values
time spent reviewing the work of others.  This seems wise, and could
well be the policy which keeps the system working.  I certainly have
respect for the process of peer review.

Due to family, work, repetative stress, circadean rhythms, yadda yadda,
however, it's not something I think I can currently commit to.  In my
previous life as a grad student, in my subsequent life as a senile old
man, with hope even next month, my decisions could well be different.

I like to consider OSS and in particular Linux as one of the cathedrals of
our age, a beautiful work of craftmanship to which people devote lifetimes
of effort.  My intent wasn't to p*** off its artisans...

Thank you for all of your contributions!

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