[Bug 555018] Review Request: gnac - An audio converter for GNOME (first package, seeking sponsor)

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Sat Jan 16 11:00:02 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #6 from Michael Schwendt <mschwendt at gmail.com> 2010-01-16 05:59:58 EST ---
There's no guideline about that [yet]. You might want to ask for feedback on
the Fedora Packaging list:


Personally, I would find it "better" and cleaner if an app didn't register for
MIME types it doesn't support. And only by installing fully optional
add-on/plugin packages the app would register additional file types.

The opposite would be like offering an audio player, which pretends that it can
play MP3 files while actually it can't with the software provided by stock
Fedora. Or like a compression utility that advertises support for RAR archives
but actually is built without that capability.

It may look like a matter of taste, but eventually Fedora will need to cover
this with its packaging guidelines.

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