[Bug 556346] Review Request: stage - A 2.5D multi-robot simulator

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Mon Jan 18 23:35:45 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #5 from Rich Mattes <richmattes at gmail.com> 2010-01-18 18:35:39 EST ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> A few comments:
> - IMHO there's no sense in using macros for patch names. Normally you can use
> the same patch for a bunch of minor releases; name the patch after the version
> you wrote it against. 
I got rid of the macros.
> - Source URL doesn't accord to guidelines, mesh.dl. should be downloads. 
> - Drop the explicit Requires: fltk. It should be automatically picked up by
> rpm. 
> - I doubt -devel really needs cmake. Drop the requirement. 
You're right, it doesn't install any cmake modules.  Moved it to BuildRequires.
> - Isn't SMP make working? If not, make a comment. Using "make -j1" is silly,
> why not use just plain "make"?
The SMP seems to create some strange racing conditions and fails at random
spots.  It builds fine without the smp flags, so I added a comment to the .spec
> - Please make %files section more explicit.    
I changed the %files to make folder names and file extensions explicit, so I'm
not catching everything with globs. 

The updated package is here:
Spec URL: http://www.richmattes.com/rpms/stage/stage.spec
SRPM URL: http://www.richmattes.com/rpms/stage/stage-3.2.2-2.fc12.src.rpm

$ rpmlint stage.spec ../RPMS/i686/stage-* ../RPMS/noarch/stage* ../SRPMS/stage*
stage.i686: W: shared-lib-calls-exit /usr/lib/libstage.so.3.2.2 exit at GLIBC_2.0
stage-devel.i686: W: no-documentation
stage-playerplugin.i686: W: no-documentation
6 packages and 1 specfiles checked; 0 errors, 3 warnings.

koji dist-f12

Thanks for the links!  I've been over all of the guidelines, but the Packaging
Tricks and rpmlint issues pages helped me out a lot.  I've been doing some
informal reviews on other review requests, and helping out with updating the
"player" package as I learn the ropes.

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