[Bug 549593] Review Request: tumbler - D-Bus service for applications to request thumbnails

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Tue Jan 26 02:12:08 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #3 from Christoph Wickert <cwickert at fedoraproject.org> 2010-01-25 21:12:03 EST ---
Rahul, please update your package or update the one from Debarshi according to
my comments from comment 1. Builds fine in mock now, I guess this was a rawhide

Additionally there still is a missing builddep for the jpeg plugin:

Build Configuration:
  * Debug:                                     minimum
  * GdkPixbuf thumbnailer plugin:              yes
  * FreeType font thumbnailer plugin:          yes
  * JPEG thumbnailer plugin with EXIF support: no
  * Freedesktop.org cache plugin:              yes

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