[Bug 508750] Review Request: trash-cli - Command line interface to the freedesktop.org trashcan

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Tue Jan 26 17:49:56 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #13 from David A. Wheeler <dwheeler at dwheeler.com> 2010-01-26 12:49:54 EST ---
In case my previous comment wasn't clear, I see 3 scenarios for naming the cli
command for removing files:
1. /usr/bin/trash and no /usr/bin/trash-put.  "man trash" should work, and all
docs refer to "trash" and not "trash-put" (since "trash-put" won't work).
2. /usr/bin/trash-put and no /usr/bin/trash.  "man trash-put" should work, and
all docs refer to "trash-put" (since "trash" won't work).
3. Both /usr/bin/trash and /usr/bin/trash-put (presumably one links to the
other).  "man trash" *and* "man trash-put" should work; once you start reading
the docs, they can use either name (since either works).

I suggest 1 or 3, as that would make trash-cli's use consistent with Debian and
Ubuntu.  That's at the cost of using a short name, but I think it's rational to
give 'trash' a short name... it's widely useful.

No matter what, the commands and their documentation should be *consistent*,
and that's my main point :-).

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