[Bug 593800] Review Request: python-keyring - keyring module for python

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Sat Jun 26 09:57:16 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #15 from Felix Schwarz <felix.schwarz at oss.schwarz.eu> 2010-06-26 05:57:14 EDT ---
Ratnadeep Debnath: Are you still interested in packaging python-keyring? I'm
feeling a bit bad here just to hijack this review. Ratnadeep, please tell me if
you're still interested - I'll step back then. If you don't have time right
now, I'd like to take over.

However as I needed this package for my private workflow, I modified the spec
file quite a bit so that it complies to Fedora's guidelines, see
I think it is better than the previously linked versions.

There is one pylint error which I can't fix: 
python-keyring.x86_64: E: no-binary

As far as I know, it is not possible to have a noarch main package with
arch-specific subpackages. Therefore the main package is not 'noarch' even
though it does not contain binary files. Can we ignore this?

I don't understand pylint's invalid url warning. I suspect it tries to do a
HEAD request which the web site does not support. The url is perfectly fine

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