[Bug 655601] Review Request: jing-trang - Schema validation and conversion based on RELAX NG

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Mon Nov 29 18:41:14 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #7 from Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at iki.fi> 2010-11-29 13:41:13 EST ---
> 1. (optional) jing-trang-prepare-tarball.sh from srpm can be removed from srpm

All the packages I've worked with include it in the source rpm.  It doesn't
cost anything to have it there, and the upside is that people can actually
verify the contents of the srpm as well as roll updates just with the
information in it without having to hunt missing bits from elsewhere.

> 2. simplify documentation installation by using %doc macro

I intentionally didn't do that initially because for some reason I remembered
that the special %doc macro would do a "cp --parents" and would thus include
unwanted subdirs below the doc dirs.  But that's incorrect, simplified in -5.

> 3. remove %clean section and rm -rf from %install section

These (and the Group tags) are intentionally left there because I want the
package to be cleanly buildable as is for example on EL-5 (assuming
dependencies are available). They don't cause any problems, and I can easily
live with them around.

> I must say I am impressed with the patch and bugs you filed upstream to fix
> the build system a bit. Great work.

Thanks, and thanks for the review which got quite a bit bigger than what you
initially signed up for.  Next revision with the %doc stuff simplified:


Some things I plan to look into whether they'd make sense and be feasible to
implement in the future for this package, let me know if you'd like them or
some of them done during the review, or have any opinions about them, in no
particular order:

- Try to port the missing test suite generation bits to some other XSLT
  processor than the old saxon, and if successful, run the whole test suite.
- Install dtdinst's schemas and XSLs as non-%doc and register them
  with the system XML catalog.
- Review jing's %docs; isorelax.copying.txt and xerces.copying.txt
  could/should maybe be dropped because they're not shipped in this package
  (and copying.html maybe modified not to link to them) and maybe
  datatype-sample.jar should be dropped as well.

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