[Bug 630481] Review Request: rubygem-ruby-debug - Command line interface (CLI) for ruby-debug-base

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--- Comment #3 from Mamoru Tasaka <mtasaka at ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp> 2010-09-07 15:58:38 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> The name of these packages is a little odd.  According to the ruby packaging
> guidelines, you are allowed to remove ruby in the gem title since the package
> is called rubygem-foo.  It's optional, but feels weird typing
> rubygem-ruby-debug-base and rubygem-ruby-debug, rather than just rubygem-debug. 

- Well, actually this naming rule is for "ruby-foo", not "rubygem-bar".
  For rubygem-based packages, we just say:
  "Packages that contain Ruby Gems must be called 
   rubygem-%{gemname} where gemname is the name from the Gem's 

  The rationale behind removing additional "ruby" string for "ruby-foo-ruby"
  package (I believe) is that usually the module in "ruby-foo-ruby" is 
  imported with "require 'foo'", not "require 'foo-ruby'",

  For rubygem based packages, this is different, because the module name
  is actually "ruby-bar" or "bar-ruby", as used in
  - $ gem contents baz
    or $ ruby -rubygems -e 'gem "baz"'.

> Normally, I would either change permissions or edit out the shebang of the
> files for the tests.  rpmlint is giving Errors for those. I see in your spec
> you noted that removing the shebang causes issues, does changing the
> permissions?

- I don't think adding executable permission does not make sense
  - because these scripts are not meant for being executed directly
    (Usually I would remove shebangs for this case, however with this
     $ rake test actually fails)
  - and actually one script has (intentionally) wrong shebang.

> rubygem-ruby-debug-doc.noarch: E: devel-dependency rubygem-ruby-debug
> Your package has a dependency on a devel package but it's not a devel package
> itself. 
> I am not sure how that error works.  I don't think I have seen that one before. 

- From rpmlint source codes, this error is raised up because 
  -doc subpackage has the dependency for a package the name of
  which ends with "debug"
  ("devel_regex" in /usr/share/rpmlint/FilesCheck.py)

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